Ulla Reimer Photography

Ulla Reimer bought her first camera 40 years
ago at the age of 15 and never stopped taking
photos ever since. First a reporter, she then
became a worldwide portraitist especially of
actors and film directors in Hollywood and finally
dedicated herself to her inner passion : art work.
She has taken place in many exhibitions
throughout the world, mainly Japan, Germany
and France where she has spent the most of
her life.

From the beginning, she has always been
interested in lines and architecture. Although her
passion for the magical atmosphere around the
development process in the dark room has never
extinguished, her recent work has evolved as she
now uses both analogical and digital cameras.
Over the past years her images used to show
mise-en-scene with an architectural background.

Nowadays her work goes towards moreder, one leaves aside the unnecessary to concentrate on the very heart of things.

More info in pressbook Expo40


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I upload 1 picture of very different series, to complete you can have a look on my web site


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