Finding the Top Photography Schools

Roger Fenton's Photographic Van, early photography,
Roger Fenton's Photographic Van

There are many fine top photography schools and it can be overwhelming place to start. This is a simple guide for selecting a fine art photography program.

Location- where do you want to study? Local, another state or international studies If you want to be close to your family and friends for support, a local college will be best.. Looking for a new life or ready for a challenge then out of state college or even international studies might be for you
Curriculum and Interdisciplinary studies Not all programs are the same. Check out what interest you.

Call For Interview with Program Director

Ask all the questions that concerns you.

Faculty Members-This section is important because Professors will shape and form your life and career. Look at their reputation and experience.

Checkout their Websites- explore what is offered?

Tour the School
highly recommended that you visit the school to get feel of the physical location. Schedule a tour through the school . While you are there take the opportunity to talk to faculty members and the student body.Another suggestion is to sit in a class lecture.

Financial Aspect
The tuition for art school and photography college are not cheap . There are many financial aid programs that can assist with the cost of tuition The school's financial aid office is a good source for grants and government aid that are available.

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Top Photography Schools

1) Yale University

2)School of the Art Institute of Chicago

3) Rhode Island School of Design

4) California Institute of the Arts

5) University of New Mexico

6) Rochester Institute of Technology

7) School of Visual Arts

8) University of California--Los Angeles(UCLA)

9) California College of the Arts

10) Columbia College

(source-U.S. News College Ranking)

New Listing & Recommendation
Parsons-The New School for Design

Brent Washa's selecting San Francisco Art Institute was my top photography school . At the time, I was studying at the Orange Coast college photography program working on associate arts degree . Several of my instructors were impressed with my fine art photography portfolio and encouraged me to apply at the San Francisco Art Institute on a scholarship.

This was a once in a lifetime chance for me to study at highly rated prestigious art school. I did a lot of research and also was able to tour the the campus. I was impressed with the quality of the artwork from many of the students and faculty. My decision came with ease based on student diversity, curriculum, reputation, faculty and finally the location. I am forever indebted to Orange Coast College and San Francisco Art Institute for allowing me extend my higher learning.

San Francisco Art Institute

Orange Coast College

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