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The mission with this website:

Fine Art Photography Inspirations is to share collections of inspiration through many different genres of art photography. The process of inspiration looks at the history of photography and masters who have inspired and influenced many generations of artists. In addition,there will be many resources and creative ideas from galleries,photography competitions and other websites to see the importance of Art Photography

“The camera doesn't make a bit of difference. All of them can record what you are seeing. But, you have to SEE” - Ernst Haas

First, I often get ask about this question, what is fine art photography? Let's explore these ideas with categories as followed.

Photography Genres/Fine Art Photography

Black and White art photography
Contemporary photography
Photo expressionism
Landscapes photography
Street or Documentary Photography
Nude or figure Photography
Conceptual Art Photography
Night photography
Photo Essays
Still Life Photography
Abstract Photography
Conceptual Art Photography
Color photography
Photo Manipulation
Alternative process and mixed media

Art Photography

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Showcase of emerging and master photographers

Daniel Mirer photography,conceptual art photography,color photo,
Daniel Mirer
Roger Camp photography, Natural photography,color photography,fine art photographer
Roger Camp

Kim Aldis

Anna Aseeva
 Ulla Reimer photography,fine art photographer,black and white photography,
Ulla Reimer

Igor Vasilyev

Robert Esposito photography,Photo expressionism,color photographs, fine art photographer,
Robert Esposito
Dominic Rouse  photography, fine art photography, black and white photography,
Dominic Rouse
Wm Daniel File photography,Wm Daniel File, fine art figure photography,
Wm Daniel File

Chrystina Geagan Photography,african images,landscape photos,black and white art photography,
Chrystina Geagan
 Steven H Brown Photography, abstract photography,rothko, color photography,
Steven H Brown
Garin Horner Photography,Conceptual Art Photography,Art Photography,artist/photographer,black and white art photography
Garin Horner

Edgar Angelone Photography,  landscape photography, black and white art photography, fine art photographer,
Edgar Angelone
Vitor Sa Photography,Tiny taxi series,black and white art photography, fine art photographer,
Vitor Sa
larry cwik photography,comtemporary photography,
Larry Cwik

Romain Gimenez Photography,artist, fine art photographer, fine art photography,color art photography ,Street Photography,Urban Series,Contemporary Photography,
Romain Gimenez
Sasiela Wojciech Photography ,street photography,landscapes photography,color photography, women photographer, fine art photography,art photography,,uk photography
Sasiela Wojciech
Kenneth don photography
 ,artist, photographer, fine art photography,black and white art photography ,

chris faust photography, night photography,black and white photographs,fine art photographer
Chris Faust
Tim Ruane
 Photography,experimental artist, photographer, creative writer,
Tim Ruane
Eric C. Jackson photography
 ,artist, photographer, fine art photography,black and white art photography ,god, religious experience, Jesus Christ,
Eric c. Jackson

Yaakov Asher Sinclair Photography ,  art photography,spiritual  photography,black & white photography,fine art photography,mystical photography ,spirit photography ,Israel landscapes,
Yaakov Asher Sinclair
tobias oggenfuss photography
 ,artist, photographer, fine art photography,color photography ,Conceptual Photography, illusion,abstract and constant motion,
Tobias Oggenfuss

Portfolio or Website Pick of Week

Abhijit Chakraborty

History of Photography

Early Photography
kodak History and George Eastman
Pictorialism and Romanticism
Spiritual and Sacred photography
Photo Secessionist & Camera Work
f64 “Straight” Photography
Documentary Photographers & F.S.A Photographers (Farm Security Administration)
Women Photographers
Family of Man
Photojournalism-life and National Geographic Magazines
Magnum Photos agency
Modern and Postmodern art photography

Art Photographers

In this category, many of well known art photographers who have made their mark to photography will be featured like Diane Arbus, Helen Levitt, Paul Strand,Cindy Sherman,Man Ray and many more. Regular updates will be made in my blog page
Ansel Adams

Creative Ideas

Top Photography Schools
professional fine artist services
The Art of Seeing
Advanced Photography
Photography Forums
Photography Information
Photography Sites

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography

SF City Hall is my all time favorite place for capturing wonderful moments.

Some of the best examples can be found on page.

If you want to see even more marvellous wedding photos by the best San Francisco City Hall wedding photographers, you should definitely visit this link as well.

This place has history and beauty which creates incredible atmosphere for wedding ceremonies.

Brent Washa Photography

Brent”s biography
Education- San Francisco Art Institute
My Influences and Mentors
My work- Night photography, Street Photography

Brent's Portfolio in San Francisco Art Slant

Brent Washa photography. The burning man experience,fine art photographer
The Burning Man Experience
Brent Washa photography,Alice,night photography,black and white art photography,
Brent Washa
street/night photography
Roger Camp Photography,color photography,natural photography,
Roger Camp

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