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The Image above nominated in the Fine Art Category
The Black & White Spider Awards
My name is Brent Washa. I was first drawn into photography by the works of my very first photography mentor and lifelong friend, Roger Camp.I still vividly remember his series of images on the Huntington Beach lifeguards and how they captured the spirit of human bonding and interaction. Roger Camp once told me that “fine art photography is all about developing your images from the heart and telling a story”. His inspiring creativity left an indelible mark on my own creative awareness. It introduced me to photography that paved the way to a journey – an artistic one where there was no turning back.

Brent Washa photography, boat people, Lady with her dog, black and white art photography,
Lady with her Dog

My earlier photography visualized street and documentary photography. Always lively, these photographs were mostly candid and oftentimes visceral. Nothing fancy, they depicted and conveyed life as a stage where people experienced firsthand its grandness right before their eyes. Exposures on the works of Garry Winogrand, Elliott Erwitt and Robert Frank brought further inspirations to me as they capitalized on the real meaning of life in America.

Brent washa Photography,military photography,documentary photography,black and white photography,

brent washa photography, Over Alcatraz,San Francisco landmark,art photography,black and white art photography,
Over Alcatraz

As time moved on, my desire for art photography grew as I further explored my inner spirit and life’s challenges. The work of Masahisa Fukase's The Solitude of Raven is not only very powerful, it is dark as well. He visualized and related his life’s challenges across while this one struck my inner core as I connected it with my difficult upbringing due to disability (hearing impairment).

Brent Washa Photography,Enigmatic cloud, black and white art photography,night photography,
Sacred Ground

Brent Washa Photography,Black elk speaks,nature photography, wildlife photography, night photography,flash photography,black and white photography,fine art photography,
Black Elk Speaks

Brent Washa Photography continues

My affair with photography continued when I studied under the instruction of Linda Connor at the San Francisco Art Institute. She taught a year-long course on sacred and profane photography. Spiritual photography was a totally new avenue for me that opened a new way of life. It was serenity and peace captured in every click of the camera. My night landscapes installation project was all about connecting with nature and finding peace and solitude within oneself. Working with nature and all its phenomena proved to be a liberating experience. And seeing how beautiful nature evolved before my vision encouraged me to practice meditation which helped me to let go of some of my deepest fears.

brent washa photography,photography master cup,color photo, wildlife,palawan

Palawan Bats

After graduating from the Art Institute, I went back to documentary photography as I took on a project about Burning Man. A departure from sacred photography, my works here depicted diversity and all its uniqueness as Burning Man does not quantify nor qualify. It is all about creativity as one sees it. This Burning Man project is an awakening for me. Creativity knows no boundaries and I witnessed self-expression here that further inspired me to tackle photography in a totally different perspective. For anyone who is unfamiliar with Burning Man, it is an annual gathering of art enthusiasts in the Nevada Desert to commune and celebrate the arts. This is an art within the arts itself. It encompasses limitless display of creativity in all its grandeur.

Brent Washa photography, burning man ,black and white art photography, Into the light, night photography,
Into the light

See Portfolio-The Burning Man Experience

Brent's Portfolio in San Francisco Art Slant

Work in Progress

Art Photography,fine art photography, Conceptual Art Photography,color photography, Brent Washa photography, ,right way?

Brent Washa Photography, Conceptual Art Photography,color photography, art photography,fine art photography,

Brent Washa Photography, Conceptual Art Photography,color photography, art photography,fine art photography,

brent washa photography,iphone photography,art photography,fine art photography, color photography,fine art photographer,

Photography will always be an extension of myself, a process of lifelong learning. I have studied with and been inspired by many master photographers all throughout the years who not only motivated me with their works but guided me as well to find my life direction. My parent's encouragement, ideas and support were also instrumental in strengthening my spirit to believe more in myself. I have actively participated in online photography competitions and have been nominated by my peers numerous times in the past. This is my life. Photography is my alter ego. And as I continuously embark on this journey, there is no stopping as I explore more what this life has to offer. This is my story – my artistic journey where there is definitely no turning back.

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