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Brent Washa is the founder of fine-art-photography-inspirations.com. Photography is my driven passion especially the fine arts. With more 30 years experience and a bachelor of fine art in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute, I share my expertise with you. In recent years, photography and technology has changed on how we see fine art photography. Early in my career , I would spend time in a bookstores or go to galleries to find inspirations, however, today I cannot walk into a bookstore and find a selection of fine art photography. Most of you will see “how to books” or technical information. Where is fine art photography seen now? Today's technology is simply replacing books, magazines, and newspaper for tablets and laptops. If you are to search on the internet , you get varied information on different websites and it could be time consuming looking for inspirations. With this analogy, I created this website to share my collections and resources on fine art photography.

Beach Hut Philippines

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Borcay surfer Philippines

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Good Friday

On a lighter note, I spend a lot time with my wife. We love to travel and explore many different cultures. My wife is filipina and she has taken me to the Philippines to show her culture and upbringing. This amazing country is full of beauty and wonderful place for photography. Their hospitality is warm and friendly and recommend to any one traveling to this part of the world.

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Brent and Elena Washa

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Cambodia Dancers

Antiques is another passion that we both enjoy. We spend a lot of time going estate sales and auction houses. There is something about antiques that is fascinating to us because you feel a sense of history in your hands. In essence there is feeling of connection and sparks the imagination of the time period. Finally , spending time with family and friends helps balance my life.

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