Yaakov Asher Sinclair Photography “Seasons of the Moon” hidden beauty of Israel

Yaakov Asher Sinclair Photography

More than FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY, Seasons of the Moon leads you through images to ideas.

Next to many of the photographs here you'll find a link to an insight into Jewish thought/worldview in prose and poetry.

The photograph is a resonance of the insight.

  Photography is a wonderful medium to prepare the mind for abstract thought, for although a photograph is always of something, it has a power to suggest something beyond its literal meaning; it can open the mind to a state where deeper ideas and concepts may be admitted. 

The corollary of that process is poetry; for poetry distills an idea into its most potent form, revealing the essential through the particular. A poem leaves us with a feeling both as specific and as abstract as a photograph.

Rabbi Yaakov Asher Sinclair is a lecturer in Talmudic logic and Jewish Philosophy at the Ohr Somayach/Tanenbaum College of Judaic studies in Jerusalem. 

His first encounter with a camera was at age seven when he disassembled his father's Kodak folding camera to see how it worked. Discovering that disassembly was somewhat easier than assembly, he took refuge under the dining room table where he sat until his father asked him what he was doing there. His reply was, "I didn't mean to break it." Being a loving father, the broken camera was quickly forgotten, but what remained in Sinclair's young mind was an intrigue with all things photographic.

  In 1970, his work was published on the cover of the British Journal of Photography. Parallel with his photographic successes, he began a thriving career in the music industry, opening in 1972, the first twenty-four track recording studio in Europe, publishing the music for an international hit musical (1973) and co-producing a quadruple-platinum selling album (1976)

  In 1987, he settled in Jerusalem to immerse himself in the study of Torah. Parallel with the growth of his spiritual life, his photographs took on a more mystical tone.

His Torah writings in Torah Weekly (on the weekly parsha) and Seasons of the Moon, are well known to the Torah community. Nowadays, apart from his teaching duties, he is much in demand as a speaker, inspiring audiences from Europe to the USA. Rabbi Sinclair was born in London, and lives with his family in Jerusalem.


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