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St. Louis Missouri USA

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Cat and Owner

The human figure is a traditional subject for fine art study. In my experience as a theatrical scenic and lighting designer, I am acutely aware of the human body as it is revealed by both light and the situation in which we encounter the figure. My study of the early Dutch Masters painting of light and how they grounded their contour in a familiar and/or recognizable space has influenced much of my figure photography. Certainly, the selection of these four images was to offer a wide ranging approach.

Wm Daniel File Photography,In The Style of Vermeer,Fine Art Figure Photography,color photography,fine-art-photography-inspiration.com

In The Style of Vermeer

I have had a camera with me almost continually for the last 50 years, starting about age 10 when my grandfather gave me my first one. While my career has shifted though several iterations, it has always been closely associated with the visual arts. Beyond extensive photographic experience, I have painting, drafting, and design experience, and over 15 years of university teaching experience.

Wm Daniel File Photography,Kitchen Portrait ,Fine Art Figure Photography,black and white photography,fine-art-photography-inspiration.com

Kitchen Portrait

Most of my photographic experience has been in traditional film and print (darkroom) work. When I grudgingly 'gave in' to digital about 10 years ago, I found a whole new excitement in the learning process while still making use of the decades of imaging experience. While I still work in film, it comprises barely 5% of my work today, and even then, I digitize those negatives to manipulate and make prints.

Wm Daniel File Photography,Sadness Sketched ,Fine Art Figure Photography,color photography,fine-art-photography-inspiration.com

Sadness Sketched



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