Roger Camp Photography

Roger Camp Photography is represented by the Robin Rice Gallery, NYC.

Roger Camp Photography,Crashing the Surf, Beach photography, color photography,huntington beach california,
Crashing the Surf

Roger Camp photography, the race, color photography, beach photography,huntington beach california,
The Race

Roger Camp photography, Yellow Snorkler, color photography, beach photography,huntington beach california,
yellow Snorkler

Roger Camp Photography

The Huntington Beach pier served as the focus for a fifteen year study of the southern California coastal lifestyle.  His “On the Beach” portfolio has been published and exhibited worldwide in over 100 venues.  It remains the work most closely associated with Roger Camp.  Published in the Aperture book, Swimmers, and exhibited in the Burden Gallery, the work appeared in the book Shoreline: The Camera at Water’s Edge by Graphis, on the cover of the first edition of Exploring Color Photography as well as the cover of the catalog of  At the Water’ Edge: American Beach Photography, Tampa Art Museum.  The work resulted in Camp being awarded an Leica Medal of Excellence in Documentary Photography in 1992 and the Graphis/Agfa Photo, Sports Photographer of the Year in 1994.  This was followed by a Lucie 1st Place in the people category in 2007.

Roger Camp photography, Water music 24, fine art photographer, natural photography. color photo,
Water Music 24

Roger camp photography, water music 22,color photo, natural photography,
water music 22

Roger camp photography, water music #1,color photo, natural photography,
Water music #1

In 1982 Camp began his exploration of flowers underwater which led to a seven month fellowship at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts and publication in Flora: A Contemporary Collection of Floral Photography, Graphis, 2002.  He continued to photograph flowers in his studio for the next three years culminating in the Water Music portfolio. This was followed by another series of work investigating the nature of light by using prisms as both as a source of color as well as the subject matter.  The portfolio was named Light Studies.  These images were collected by numerous corporations during the tech boom of the 1990’s.  In 1998, Camp produced a portfolio of work dealing with the blocked transmission of adult films.  This was followed in 2001 by a series of abstractions created with multiple butterfly wings entitled Fallen Angels.

Butterflies in Flight
Roger camp photography, water music #1,color photo, natural photography,
Fallen angel #13

Roger Camp photography, fallen angel 17, color photography, natural photography,
Fallen angel #17

Roger Camp photography,#16 fallen angel , color photography, natural photography,
fallen angel #16

Taking a sabbatical in 2000 to learn Adobe Photo Shop led Camp to his first book, the award winning Butterflies in Flight, Thames & Hudson, 2002.  Selling over 27,000 copies, the book was awarded the international printing industry’s highest award, a Benny, for its design and production.  It was singled out by NBC’s Today Show, American Photograper magazine and the Associated Press as one of the best photo books of the year. The book, designed by Camp in the accordion fold format, opens to 42 feet displaying 300 of the world’s most beautiful butterflies in simulated flight.  This book was followed by 500 Flowers in 2005, another digital photography book and Roger Camp: Heat, Charta/DAP, 2008. Camp’s work has been exhibited over 200 times and published in over 150 books and magazines.  His work is held in forty-three permanent corporate and public collections, including Coca Cola, Inc., California Museum of Photography, Riverside, Freddie Mac, Packard Foundation, Lucent Technologies, Center for Creative Photography, Tucson, Security Pacific National Bank, Het Nederlands Foto Institute, IBM Corp, Ralph Lauren,  California Canadian Bank, Bloomingdales and Johnson & Johnson among others.
Roger Camp Photography


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