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My name is Chrystina Geagan and I am a fine art and landscape photographer based in Marina Del Rey, CA and also in Santa Fe, NM. I like to capture seeing the unusual in the usual, and the classic lines of art found in nature. I started out my day job career first as a distribution coordinator working for a movie studio, then as an acquisition manager for an indie film company, moving onto being a publicity manager for NBA basketball players, and then a marketing director, moving into a development director for an art, science and history museum complex. My last position was as a fund raising director for a museum of the American West. Now working as a photographer I have found my true niche. Having a background in marketing, advertising and publicity benefits my work. I have worked as an editor for publications which helps me in the editing process of my work. Keep it simple and have a clear statement with my art.

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Currently I have a two page spread coming out of one of my wildlife shots of an African Elephant in Popular Photography Magazine in June 2012, titled FREE. This past January and February 2012 one of my photographs, CLEM AND THE LIONS was chosen as a finalist to be included in a Juried Exhibition at the Center for Photography in Carmel, CA. Another African image I shot in Tanzania of a Maasai goat and cow herder, MAASAI CATTLE CALL, is published online for an African Travel site. And a series of my work on Marina del Rey, CA was showcased at the Julia Dean Gallery as the featured opening exhibition titled, ZIP CODE. My work was also published by my master black and white printer ,F22 Magazine ,in their advertisements in BLACK AND WHITE magazine in several editions in 2011. I also self-published a book which is available online at` entitled WHERE WILDEBEEST SHALL ROAM which is a compilation of both photographs taken in Tanzania, East Africa along with my original poetry.

My prints are available for sale both framed and unframed, and all works are limited editions of 21.
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