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Night and landscapes

Chris Faust Photography,Sunset, Hovland MN, landscape photography, color photography,
Sunset, Hovland MN

Chris Faust Photography,BN Frieght Williston ND,black and white photography, landscape photography,
BN Frieght Williston ND

Chris Faust Photography

Chris Faust actual started out his career working in Aquatic Biology as an Aquatic Toxicologist. In graduate school he switched majors and received a M.S. in Educational Media and started his photography career doing Medical Photography. He then went on working as a technical photographer and graphic artist at the University of Minnesota.

Chris Faust Photography,Windrow, Goodhue City , color photography, landscape photography,
Windrow, Goodhue City

Night Photography
Chris Faust Photography, 35 W bridge , black and white photography, night landscape photography,
35 W bridge

It was at this point he began to do serious personal work. His early personal work focused on Childhood landscapes using a pinhole camera making photographs of small-scale fantasy landscapes he remembered as a child. These images were enlarged to 30X40 inches or larger than life size. The next serious body of work revolved around land usage in the suburbs. This work spanned six years and seven states. The suburb project has been shown and written about nationally. On going work to this point revolves around land usage as it pertains to the upper Mississippi River and it’s watershed. A Monograph of his night landscapes was published in 2007 entitled “Nocturnes” through the University of Minnesota Press.

Chris Faust Photography, Car Wash St. Paul, MN , black and white photography, night landscape photography,
Car Wash St. Paul, MN

Chris Faust Photography, Rose Hut East Side , black and white photography, night landscape photography,
Rose Hut East Side

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